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United Arab Emirates


Founded in 2012, Marcxell Group UAE is a Dubai-based conglomerate with diversified activities throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Marcxell Group UAE is a privately owned subsidiary of the Marcxell Group which has been operating for many years in the United States, Europe, Gulf, GCC countries and Asia. Marcxell Group UAE business activities include construction, finance, engineering, mining, investment, development, music and film production, manufacturing, technology and non-profit charity.

Marcxell Group is associated with several world-class organizations that provide their products and services in emerging markets, particularly on five continents. The Group’s operations are seamlessly managed from its global headquarters in Titusville, Florida (USA) and offices around the world, deploying the highest standards of business and governance. Marcxell Group is in a growth mode, consolidating its leadership position in existing business areas while seeking to expand revenue streams in the coming years.


John Kamin Marcxell



Marcxell Group UAE building revitalization team offers you a comprehensive suite of expert services to retrofit, repurpose or renew your asset. Our team brings together cost-effective solutions, leading-edge design and high-performance building systems to help you transform your aging and dated asset into a distinctively modern structure with the dynamic urban character, which is critical to attract high-quality tenants.


Marcxell Group UAE is an organization that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in companies in difficulty. We invest and develop by helping small and medium-sized enterprises grow in the early stages of their development. At the same time, Marcxell Group UAE helps companies in difficulty to get back for a good financial standing.


Marcxell Minerals is a partner company of Marcxell Group UAE and the African leader in mining. We have the largest number of sites in Africa and the most innovative and reliable products and services. Gold and diamonds offer us the strongest security of supply and quality, thanks to our exceptional vertical integration from mining to the production of complete service solutions. Marcxell Minerals is a Franco-Zambian-American company created by precious metals specialists.


Marcxell Production is a partner company of Marcxell Group UAE and leading production enterprise in California and Florida. We offer a complete set of video and audio production solutions for local, regional and international clients. Marcxell Production creates artists of all kinds of music. Our sound engineers are renowned and have the professionalism of a worldwide reputation. Our recording studios are equipped with high-quality instruments and sound resonance to the perfection of your request.


Marcxell Group UAE has collaborated on a diverse range of engineering projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and with our branch company Sertico Engineering and Design in the USA. Our engineers have a combined depth of experience and design expertise that allows us to provide our clients with industry-leading structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services, as well as plumbing solutions. We ensure our engineers have the resources and tools necessary to deliver these quality services while providing creative, cost-effective and fully-functional assistance for your projects.


Marcxell Foundation was created for the sole purpose of providing equal opportunities for future generations by improving educational possibilities for orphans and less privileged children around the world. Regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender. To achieve our goals we share a culture of education with orphaned children and mothers living alone and without resources. We facilitate a more suitable living environment by providing water, electricity, clinics and we pay for the children’s schooling in order to end child slavery in the world. Our organization was founded by Mr. John Kamin Marcxell for the welfare of minorities. Our presence in the United Arab Emirates aims to raise funds to invest in our projects in Africa and Asia. In expectation of unparalleled generosity, the UAE offers us a capacity of assistance corresponding to our requests. Let us take this opportunity to thank all the authorities and anonymous benefactors.

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Marcxell Group UAE is a Middle East development and investment company. We are the support and business development arm of various subsidiaries in the Gulf. Marcxell Group UAE has successfully established itself as a leading development, investment and management company. Our portfolio includes several million dollars owned and managed by our holding company Marcxell Group in The United States. Marcxell Group has a history of long-term and well-established relationships with its subsidiaries, which include many prestigious government agencies because of its commitment to providing services of exceptional quality.

Marcxell Group has successfully proven the ability to implement complex development projects involving both “construction from scratch” and major renovation programs. Once projects are completed, Marcxell Group prefers to maintain them over the long term and be an active and productive member of the communities we work for as well as numerous government and charitable organizations around the world.

Marcxell Group is convinced that its impact on development is felt around the world, which is why we created Marcxell Group UAE. We are an Arab-American development and investment company with a long-term commitment to the countries where our projects take place. Marcxell Group UAE has established its headquarters in downtown Dubai (UAE) and our objective is to invest and participate in the development of infrastructure in the UAE for the benefit of the Middle East and its people.


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