Marcxell Production is a partner company of Marcxell Group UAE and leading production enterprise in California and Florida. We offer a complete set of video and audio production solutions for local, regional and international clients. Marcxell Production creates artists of all kinds of music: Rock / Hip Hop / Jazz / Classical / Opera / Tango / RNB / Soul / Reggae / Salsa and others. Our sound engineers are renowned and have the professionalism of a worldwide reputation. Our goal is a sound performance at its highest level. Our recording studios are equipped with high-quality instruments and sound resonance to the perfection of your request.

Marcxell Production advises artists to choose as well as the instruments to use for a perfect and unique realization. We also produce groups of musicians all over the world and create the musicians of tomorrow. We are the digital sound.

Marcxell Production is a music promotion and film production company. We produce artists from all over the world, speaking different languages and different cultures to our teams. The only language is music and cinema. Make a better world by musical and cinematographic culture.

For the past years we have worked with the biggest names in the United States of America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, creating innovative and ground-breaking corporate and commercial multimedia content. As well as professional musicians interpreting all the music of the world. We will produce unique voices with singers who will let you desire their voices. The passion of emotional sound awakens the dream of an artist’s production. Marcxell Production was founded by our CEO and President – Mr. John Kamin Marcxell.

Marcxell Production is a subsidiary of Marcxell Group. Marcxell Group has allocated a budget of more than 37 million dollars for its activity 2019-2021. With us, production depends on your project. We will produce sixty musicians and dancers during 5 years of contracts at Florida in the United States of America for the JNJ Cabaret. With the collaboration of our partners, the Franco-Italian group for classical music opera whose interpretation of the famous Pavarotti, production of the most famous musicians of all time. The staging of an opera cabaret and the unimaginable dance by twenty professional dancers from all over the world.

From simple corporate video messages to large scale international events requiring instant upload. There is no project too big or too small for Marcxell Production. Our dedicated team of Producers, Editors, Animators and Sound Engineers are passionate and professional and always ensure our projects exceed your expectations.


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