Marcxell Minerals is a partner company of Marcxell Group UAE and the African leader in mining. We have the largest number of sites in Africa and the most innovative and reliable products and services. Gold and diamonds offer us the strongest security of supply and quality, thanks to our exceptional vertical integration from mining to the production of complete service solutions. Marcxell Minerals is a Franco-Zambian-American company created by precious metals specialists. Our company is based in Lusaka (Zambia) and through physical mining and agencies at your service to buy or sell your precious metals at the most competitive prices on the market.

For Marcxell Group UAE it’s about using our advantages to accelerate innovation in the raw materials sales sector and offer the best to our customers. We collaborate with the mining subsidiary of Marcxell Group in the sale of gold, diamonds and other mining products. Therefore, Marcxell Group UAE do not take our leading position in the market for granted. We want to remain the number one collaborator in Zambia and bring positive change in our industry and the sectors that depend on us.

Marcxell Group UAE have the advantage of selling our raw materials in Dubai using the resources of Marcxell Minerals, our mining company based in Zambia, and we represent and market its products in Dubai. Our presence in Africa and our expertise in selling high-quality gold and diamonds in Dubai are the qualities that our customers around the world granted. Dubai is a city presented by seriousness in the area of selling raw materials, confidence in the processing of products and the reliability of the Emirates banks.

Marcxell Minerals constantly apply the latest technology and environmentally friendly equipment in the production of its mines in Zambia to ensure the highest level of safety for its employees and the environment.

Our sphere of operation consists of selling minerals: GOLD – DIAMONDS – COPPER – MALACHITES and others. Faced with these extreme challenges, in order to adapt the best solutions to our customers, we establish geological expertise of more than 700 products. The basic materials we use for sale are:

The andradite: Demantoid, Topazolite, Allochroite, Melanite187 / Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla quartz / Silicified chrysocolla145 / Demantoid: (andradite variety) 32 / Treated diamond: (HPHT, annealed / heating, irradiation) 418 / Diamond / Dioptase / Indigolite / Indicolite (blue tourmaline) 38 / Leucite / Magnesia 310 / Malachite 92 / Samarskite-(Y) 354 / Wulfenite1 – remarkable materials that themselves require skillful handling: the melting point of fused magnesia is above 2800°C.

Our production mine in Zambia supplied: 92% quality raw gold and rough diamonds of all sizes and type: FL- IF – VVS1 – VVS2 – VS1 – VS2 – SI1.2.3 – I1.2.3. We aim to remain N°1 in Zambia and leading positive change in our industry and the industries that depend on us. As a mining company, we use our resources, our presence in Africa and our expertise to produce gold and diamonds of the highest quality.


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