Marcxell Group UAE is an organization that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in companies in difficulty. We invest and develop by helping them grow in the early stages of their development. At the same time, Marcxell Group UAE helps companies in difficulty to get back for a good financial standing.

Marcxell Group UAE spearheads the financial investment decisions of the Group and its private members in real estate and capital markets around the globe. Applying the strictest reporting and fiduciary standards, Marcxell Finance consolidates and determines the capital and financing needs of the Group internally.

Marcxell Finance provides trusted financial advice to businesses and institutional clients around the world. Leveraging the expertise of Marcxell Group’s investment banking teams and our global distribution network, we deliver cost-effective solutions that match the individual needs of our clients.

Our customized credit solutions provide clients with the liquidity, working capital and financial flexibility they need to compete and thrive in a dynamic business environments. We offer a full range of credit packages including revolving credit facilities, term loans, reserved base loans, securitization, project finance, lease finance, trade finance and working capital solutions.


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